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Material Handling

Material Handling

The crane is still the most efficient material handling device. Modern material handling uses a combination of overhead cranes, hoists, monorails and many other kinds of "under hook equipment" to precisely move precious loads from one place to another.

One of Hetronic's proven strengths is the ability to efficiently adapt customized radio remote controls to complicated specifications and requirements.

Our high flexibility allows for countless combinations of transmitter and receiver configurations.

These varied cranes are typically operated with the following transmitters: GLGL-3, GRNova-S, Ergo F, Ergo MFSHL, Nova-L, Hand Held MFSHL, Nova-XLERGO Series.


Gantry Crane

Freedom. Hetronic radio remote controls allow operator's to move freely around the gantry crane.

Hetronic radio remote controls eliminate control cabins that restrict operator views, and place lift and drive control at the operator's fingertips.

Hetronic's proportional controls ensure smooth and jerk free motion.

Gantry cranes are typically operated with the following transmitters: GL, Nova-XL.


Container Handling

Container handling is becoming more and more important in today's industry. There are several crane designs for placing containers in the most precise, safe and efficient manner.

Whatever the crane type, Hetronic has the matching radio remote control.

Container handlers are typically operated with the following transmitters: GL, GL-3, Nova-L, Nova-XL, Nova-M.

Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes are an ideal application for radio remote controls.

Hetronic offers a wide variety of standard systems to accommodate the many different styles of overhead cranes.

No configuration or control job is too big for our customized systems.

Overhead cranes are typically operated with the following transmitters: GL, GR, Ergo F, Ergo MFSHLPocket MFSHL, Nova-L, Mini, Nova-XL, Nova-M.

Coil Handling

Coil handling is a critical task for every type of control.

A damaged coil is useless, so these expensive coils must be handled very carefully. Further, an uncontrolled coil can easily damage other equipment or cause injury.

Hetronic has developed a system that prevents a coil (or a load on an overhead crane) from swinging. The system is called ASLC (Anti Swing Load Control). The ASLC, in combination with our radio remote control provides a safe, fast and efficient crane control that allows the operator to focus on the load - not the crane.

Coil handlers are typically operated with the following transmitters: GL, Ergo MFSHLNova-L, Nova-XL.

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