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Safety is our #1 priority and each radio remote control system is designed with the operators' safety in mind. With over 425,000 systems in operation around the world, our focus is on the customer and their unique application requirements for heavy equipment operation. We take our responsibility seriously and create remote controls that place the operator out of harms’ way with complete control at all times.

Heavy equipment professionals rely on dependable Radio Remote Controls for their equipment.   Since 1982 our safety radio remote controls have provided reliability, maintainability, durability and the utmost safety.   Every RRC system is designed to work the first time, every time.  With over 425,000 systems sold-our customers trust Hetronic — we do radio remote controls and we do it right — it's what we're good at.  And every wireless control solution is tailored to fit your specific application.

Hetronic Human-to-Machine-Interface (HMI) radio remote control technology is the result of implementation of new ideas with a focus on improving safety and efficiency on the job.  With our high level technical engineering and development of application specific software, Hetronic will integrate a hands-free control system into nearly any powered machine in the market today that will improve productivty and lead to improved ROI.

Supporting our clients is a top priority, our 50+ global locations provide our customers the service they require to keep their systems working no matter what the situation. We understand that our customers' business relies on our systems working 100% of the time. When service and support are required, we're just a phone call away to provide the support and engineering assistance that you need.

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Hetronic News

Hetronic - Fuchs post-trial press release - German

Im Jahr 2015 hat Hetronic International, Inc. (“Hetronic”) seine vorherigen Vertriebspartner, Hetronic Germany and HCEE, wegen Vertragsverletzung verklagt, nachdem entdeckt worden war, dass Hetronic Germany and HCEE Bauteile unbekannter Herkunft in Hetronic®-Markenprodukten verbaut haben. Hetronic erweiterte die Klage später auf die Nachfolger von Hetronic Germany und HCEE, A...

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Hetronic - Fuchs post-trial press release

In 2014, Hetronic International, Inc. (“Hetronic”) sued its former distribution partners, Hetronic Germany and HCEE, for breach of contract after discovering that Hetronic Germany and HCEE were using parts of unknown origin in Hetronic® branded systems. Hetronic later amended the complaint to add Hetronic Germany’s and HCEE’s successors Abitron Germany and Abitron Austria, res...

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