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Digger Derrick

The outstanding performance of Hetronic's radio remote controls opened the digger derrick and utility equipment market in the US. With our radio remote control, utility companies not only improve safety, they also increase efficiency on the job site. A Hetronic digger derrick control is comprised of many features to provide operators with maximum functionality. Digger Derricks are typically operated with the following transmitters: GL, GL-3, Nova-L, Nova-XL.

Tunnel Drilling

Hetronic safety radio remote controls (RRCs) helps make tunnel drilling safer and more economical by providing a wide variety of standard and tailor-made systems for these highly-complex applications. Whether tunnel drilling in the mining, transportation or supply infrastructure industries, Hetronic RRCs allow precise manipulation of multi-ton materials as well as safe and reliable operation of associated machinery. Using Hetronic RRCs, operators routinely position extremely heavy materials within the most stringent parameters—very often working tolerances are measured in millimeters. Tunnel Drilling machinery is typically operated with the following transmitters: GR/EURO, GL, GL-3.

Directional Drill

Hetronic has developed a mobile lock-out system for directional drills. Up to 16 operators can shut down the drill from a distance of up to 1 mile away. But there's more: Lock-out is not the only thing controlled by radio remote control. Hetronic also offers a radio to control the tracks and the entire machine, giving the operator unsurpassed flexibility. Directional drills are typically operated with the following transmitters: Nova-S, Nova-L, Mini.


Austin, Texas
27 Feb. - 1 March, 2016

Kristiansand, Norway
9 - 10 March, 2016

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